Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I thought we were in Maine?

I just opened the box from Tony's Train Exchange, where my recently purchased vintage BLW custom Green Mountain GP40, and an Atlas GP38 in the GTW red and blue that I re-decaled for the Central Vermont were having decoders installed.  Tony's does an outstanding job equipping these engines (something I am not good at).

I can hear you now: I thought the Aroostook Valley was a Maine short line?  Well, you're right, but I am a big fan of almost every northern New England railroad, and as a member of Northeast Ntrak have the capacity to run long trains on the modules when we're at a show.

Besides, if I switch the motive power and some signage on the layout, is there really any reason why the AVR can't become a short line in Vermont?

Does anyone else have the episodes of changing venues and railroads?  How do you cure yourself?

Thursday, March 8, 2012

March Madness

What was I so worried about?  Ballasting track is not that bad a chore!  A bit dull, perhaps; but nothing like trying to install decoders!  The BAR branch through Washburn is ballasted, and the AVR track in Washburn is now being worked on.

In other news, I've reserved myself one of the Bluford Shops short body cabooses (without the bay windows) to sacrifice to the X-acto knife and saw in the hopes of coming out with the AVR snowplow.  Won't that be a fun project!