Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Photos by Greg Smith

My son is the photographer of the family:
The AVR rolls into Washburn on its way back to Presque Isle.  LaBrie Wood Products, a woodchip loader, appear to have a couple of loaded hoppers ready for pick-up.

The B&A train out of Squa Pan waits in Washburn for set-outs.

Coming to a magazine rack near you. . .

I'm very excited to announce I had an email from Jim Hediger, Senior Editor of Model Railroader, telling me the Art Department is just about done with the artwork for the "Railroad you can Model" article featuring the Aroostook Valley Railroad!  Look for it on newstands in the August issue.

Unfortunately the formula for these articles is such that you won't see any photos of the layout (but then that's why you look at this site!); the publish shots of the prototype.  You'll also see in the article a paper mill that is an optional design for the leg of the "L" in place of the industrial park that was on the prototype and first design of the layout.  This is what is actually on the layout now, and I really like the impact it has.  The mill provides a much better traffic flow on the layout (I shy away from rail siding serving industries no bigger than the boxcars themselves). 

Progress on the mill is coming - I've completed the brass kit conveyors from the woodchip pile to the kraft mill and really just need to do the base ground scenery for it to look reasonably complete.  The buildings are now all in place.  I'll post some photos of the mill once I tackle the ground cover.